Vegan Italian Recipes

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From vegan ricotta to bruschetta, braised artichokes, and eggplant caponata. These Italian antipasti have flavor, color and gusto!

Side dishes

this is CAPONATA


Aglio e Olio

Pasta Pomodoro


Italian Pastas

Lemon pasta

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You can make a quick meal in just 10 mins with cheap ingredients!

You can substitute cheese with homemade vegan ricotta and parmesan

 Vegan Parmesan

What about cheese?

 Vegan Ricotta

Or make this vegan ricotta with just 3 ingredients

Tofu cacciatore

Seitan steaks

Lemon tofu cutlets

Vegan Mains

Vegan parmigiana

You can make a tasty meal with easy and affordable ingredients

Juicy tofu

Try this easy baked TOFU

Eggs and butter can be replaced with the right ratio of plant milk and flour.

 Vegan Cannoli

Vegan Desserts

Vegan ricotta pie

Vegan donuts

Vegan amaretti

Italian desserts

Almond biscotti

Even pies, cakes and pastries can be made vegan...

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It's made with a vegan custard and a crunchy pie crust


Try this fruit tart

More vegan recipes

Garlic & Oil Pasta with Tofu

Vegan Egg Salad

Baked Juicy Tofu