Vegan Pasta


– olive oil – carrots – celery – onions – mushrooms brown – tomato paste – tomato passata – soy sauce – plant milk, no sugar – salt and pepper


To make this mushroom bolognese, we start with chopping (or blending) for a "SOFFRITTO"

"SOFFRITTO" is carrot, celery, onion and oil that makes the flavour base for our sauce

After chopping the SOFFRITTO-veggies, we fry them on a pan in oil

While the SOFFRITTO fries, we chop mushroom and add to the mix. Optional: add 0.5 cup of vegan red wine

Let wine deglaze. Add tomato pasta and soy sauce

I also add nutritional yeast and miso paste, but these are OPTIONAL too

Vegetable broth powder for added flavour and vine leaves

Then , finely chop parsley and add to sauce

I choose a passata (pureed tomatoes) for a smoother sauce

Let simmer for 1 hour to collect flavour (low heat)

Use in lasagna or on pasta

Buon Appetito!  /Nico