Shape Pasta by Hand

The plantbased school

1: TROFIE PASTA Made with semolina flour and hot water. You need a worktop to shape the pasta


Keep dough in your left hand at all times, while with your right hand take small pieces of dough and roll with the back of your and into trofie.

2: ORECCHIETTE Roll the dough into a long, slim "snake".

Cut the snake into small pieces  "little pillows" with a knife

Shape:  flatten the "pillows" with a small knife. Then, use your hands to turn the flattened piece "inside out"

Let the orecchiette rest  on a worktop with semolina flour

To cook the pastas: add into boiling water and cook for 2-3 mins

Eat with roasted broccoli rabe or lightly boiled leafy greens

Buon appetito!