Grilled tofu is a versatile, healthy, and nutritious alternative to traditional grilled meats.


STEP 1: Take tofu from the package, pat it dry with kitchen paper, and cut it into ¼ inch (7 mm) slices.

STEP 2: Transfer the tofu slices onto a plate and toss with olive oil, salt, and black pepper.

STEP 3: Ensure your grill is clean, then warm it up. Grill the tofu on medium heat for 3 minutes without touching it.

STEP 4: Turn the slices around with the help of a flat spatula and grill for 3 more minutes on the other side till golden and slighlty charred outside.

Tip: At this stage you can sprinkle with your favorite spices like smoke paprika, za'atar, cayenne pepper, or other.

SERVE: with a peanut or BBQ sauce.

It's delicious on bread, with veggies, and in grain bowls.

Try it in this Buddha bowl with mango, avocado and red cabbage.


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